Pill Character Rigs x3

PillTurntable from shaunKeenan on Vimeo.

Pill character rigs for Maya 2011 and above . There are 3 rigs in total .Black and white Pill , Red Pill and The Blue Pill. Each rig comes with stretchy arms and legs , as well as torso .Full IK/Fk arms and legs . The rigs run in real-time. They also have the option of 3 different smooth levels , your animation level , Rendering level and a very close up high res geometry level.  Materials are built with vray for maya for those insanely awesome renders.  Ik/Fk switch is on the hand arrow and on the foot arrow . Very simple character so the animators can produce very high quality animations for short films and movies.

Currently these rigs are  packaged for sale . In order to get the character rigs you do have to donate first . For people who donate the rig will be emailed once donation is made . In 24-48 hours .



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