3D Freelance Service

FREELANCE INFORMATION---- MZP Studios has been modeling , rigging ,texturing characterS and props and environments  for games , film , TV ,for the last 20 years. We specialize in all aspects of creation for animation and games , tv and film. To contact support and get a price quote for all work please email support at cyclistkeenan@hotmail.com . To test some of our high end super work please refer to the free section of the website above to check out some of our work before contacting. We are willing to work inside your budget and most turn around time for rigs and modeling work is roughly 1-2 days .Unless you want something like optimus prime . In that case just like NASA we are still on the ground floor. We are now open to the public for anyone who needs character and prop modeling and rigging work done .

          (Price Can Be Negotiated to if you are low on funds)

What every rig has , cartoony limbs both arm and leg , Custom Built GUI Windows, We can do anything you want for a very low price as well . Minimum Rigging Price for base bipedal , Quadrupedal and anything that needs movement .Our base price is based off your budget demands.So if all you can afford is a low amount fine , we will work with you and your needs . If you need full facials this has to be negotiated based off how much control you need . Check out our free rigs and play with them to get a sample of our rigging . If you need custom muscle , hair or whatever just ask and I will quote you a price . 

You can contact me by email at cyclistkeenan@hotmail.com or call me at 412-290-1217 .  

  If you would like to see some of our work before deciding on your rigging needs .

SKDemoReel from shaunKeenan on Vimeo.
BigMoneyRigging from shaunKeenan on Vimeo.
Basic Shapes from shaunKeenan on Vimeo.

BaseMaleRigTurntable from shaunKeenan on Vimeo.

Rig Pictures