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Shaun Keenan (Fusedgore) is a self taught CG artist. His specialty is Modeling, Rigging, Sculpting, Texturing and Rendering. Shaun has over 7 years of experience in Character Modeling, Character Rigging, Sculpting and Texturing. Primarily a character Modeler, Shaun strives to help as he can with any project people are trying to finish. Many of Shaun's work can be downloaded from the site at the following links provided . If you have any questions, Shaun is willing to try and answer those questions by email.This site was designed for those who cannot seem to find the resources to create their own animated shorts with ease as some others .So if you are an animator ,lighter,or whatever you can still create great shorts with the animator starter packs .

To contact Shaun by email send all emails to and what you want to talk about .

For all freelance related requests email me at - Facial rigging is you must prove all blend shapes or cost is dependent .

Free-lance Information -Yes I do take freelance work .I will do freelance modeling ,rigging ,texture and rendering work .I will work with you on your budget . To contact me for freelancing send all emails to with freelance as the Subject Line .


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